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A low cost, highly configurable, precision agriculture grow area controller using IOT and open source standards, with control of humidity, temperature, irrigation, CO2 and lighting. The product uses sensors for inside and outside temperature & humidity, CO2, flood warning, canopy temperature, light intensity, media moisture and fertigation EC. It has outlets for a heater, cooler, humidifier, dehumidifier, circulation fan, exhaust fan, pump, CO2 and two sets of lights. Includes interfaces to influxDB and Grafana for historical analysis. Uses the exhaust fan when possible based on outside conditions.

GrowMinder Summary Screen
Summary Screen
Status Display
GrowMinder Limits Screen
GrowMinder Preferences Screen
Grafana Reporting
Appliance Reporting
Example Showing Lighting control and monitoring
Appliance Status for Lighting example.
Another Example showing Appliance usage
Soil Moisture, Leachate EC levels and Water Temperature
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